EMDR is a therapeutic technique often effective in the rapid* resolution of trauma.

EMDR is an innovative clinical treatment that has successfully helped over a million individuals who have survived trauma, including accidents, sexual abuse, domestic violence, combat, crime, and other concerns including  depression, addictions, phobias and traumatic grief.

Using EMDR does not require reliving traumatic events or experiences.

heartIt is a complex method of psychotherapy that integrates many of the successful elements of therapeutic approaches in combination with eye movements or auditory or tactile forms of rhythmical stimulation in ways that stimulate the brain’s information processing system. By activating the information-processing system of the brain, people can achieve their therapeutic goals at a relatively faster rate, with recognizable changes that don’t disappear over time.  Change usually occurs most quickly in cases of single incident trauma, e.g., a traffic accident.  In cases of complicated trauma involving childhood experiences, EMDR takes more time and still generally helps faster and more thoroughly than many other methods.

Controlled studies support the efficacy of EMDR, making it the most thoroughly researched method ever used in the treatment of trauma. Recent studies with individuals suffering from events such as sexual assault, combat, loss of a loved one, accidents, natural disasters, etc. have found that 84-90% rapidly recovered from post-traumatic stress disorder.

*  A study financed by Kaiser Permanente revealed that EMDR was twice as effective in half the amount of time compared to the standard traditional care. However, EMDR is not a race to the finish line. While many people show dramatic responses in a short amount of time, there are also those who will progress more slowly. The slower progression is not abnormal.  Clients learn to listen to their own needs and collaborate with me to move at a pace that works the best for them.

I have had great success using EMDR to help people move on from feeling stuck to living in the present feeling safe and free.