Trauma causes emotional and physical suffering. It creates coping mechanisms which are no longer helpful.

To help people move beyond their trauma, I work toward two goals simultaneously. The first is to learn to self-regulate when triggered, so that you don’t automatically revert to fight/flight/freeze modes of coping. The second goal is to  create a compassionate, nurturing, protective relationship with yourself and heal from your trauma.

antique-jellyThe effects of trauma are held in the tissues of our body, so trauma therapy goes beyond talking. We address breathing, posture, movement, and muscular tension all of which can reveal holding patterns and paths to healing.

Healing takes place in the current moment when we are emotionally and actively regulated with self-awareness and compassion. We collaborate and move slowly and safely to help you stay grounded and calm during the therapy process and between sessions. I do not practice exposure therapy.


If it seems like something is missing, it might be the sound of your own voice. – Bernice Johnson Reagan

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